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Our newsletter is regularly 30 pages long or more and a PDF was proving to be too cumbersome for some of our readers.  To that end, we have installed software which allows you to open the newsletter and view it as a book.  Select View newsletter above to view the page flip version or Original PDF to open the PDF but beware, it is a large file.

The flip page version has a help function on the top menu which looks like this –


Browse through the pages using the arrow buttons on either side or the Page Preview panel.

When you want to read an article in detail, click the + sign and the page will appear in a larger reading frame which you can move around in by simply clicking and dragging your mouse cursor.  When you have finished reading that page, click the X at top right and you will be taken back to the master where you can continue to browse or simply read each page one after the other.

We have chosen this software because it allows the text to be enlarged which a lot of people have asked for.