“Know hoof, know horse”

Barehoofcare is keeping and working horses without traditional rigid metal horseshoes, aiming for lifelong soundness. It’s holistic hoof and horse management; the whole nine yards of equine hoofcare.

Barehoofcare is about setting up hooves for optimal physiological function.

It’s how they are trimmed.

It’s how often they are trimmed.

It’s managing the parameters of equine lifestyle, to grow the best possible hooves that genetics will allow.

It’s recognising the biomechanical pathways between hoof and body.

It’s accepting that there is no barefoot or bust utopia and sometimes hooves need protection.

It’s understanding and accepting that rigid horseshoes cause long term damage.
It’s choosing lifelong soundness before blue ribbons.

Sometimes, it’s about finding a compromise between short term performance and lifelong soundness.

Above all else, it’s about horse owners taking ownership of the welfare of their horses’ hooves; if they own a horse, they own its hooves.