New shoeing hammer by Flying Horse

“the best hammer I have used”

Now that’s a big call coming from a farrier after more than 30 years of driving nails into hooves.

This hammer is well weighted into the perfectly angled driving face which is generously sized for a flat and accurate hit.

It can be used with a light touch, allowing total control of nail height.

Its total weight is just right for a sweet hit every hit and will suit both professionals and part timers alike.

The head is compact with short claws that easily grab the nail sharp which is then held snug its whole length, so the nail is easily torn off the first attempt rather than just twisting around.

Ringing off is quick and effortless.

The operator can easily and consistently catch the nail sharps for correct disposal.

There is a handy magnet in the bottom of the handle for picking up the occasional nail sharp that might escape your clutches and fall to the ground.

The handle is made from unique multi-coloured veneer timber and is very comfortable, ergonomic and durable.

Whether driving nails to put shoes on or even just cutting clenches to take shoes off, this will be a classic driving hammer for all levels of the trade.

Available in blue, green, red, orange and multi-coloured.

Available now from The Barefoot Blacksmith

Great value – $ 80 – Available online