What our clients say …

Hi Andrew,

Thoroughly enjoyed the  workshop. It is such a good way to learn and with the real trimming of our horse. I learnt the basics of movement  and skills of trimming.  It ran so smoothly in a wonderful setting.

Thanks so much.


Balnarring Workshop

I would like to thank you for a very informative session and would like to say that you made us feel very welcome.

I will certainly be recommending your course to anyone thinking of going down this track.



Rocky’s success story

Rocky is a 22 year old Warmblood that I have owned since he was 4. He has always had trouble with his digestion, and he also went through a massive operation on his head to remove a ethmoid hematoma when he was 6. Rocky has also had problems with colic and there have been lots of vet’s bills; the Hendra injection nearly killed him.

Rocky has never been fed grains and has always had to find grassy hay, which has been near to impossible at times. In later years he became hypo sensitive to sugars and so it became even harder to keep him well, he has also been diagnosed with Cushings.

Each spring for some time he has become ill and had sore feet, but the 2018 spring hit him really hard and he foundered with acute Laminitis  for about 10 days after which he very slowly started climbing back out of the pain and illness.

I found the Barefoot Blacksmith site and phoned Nicky as I was at my wits end after spending nights in the stable massaging and tending to him, and trying to keep him alive.

Nicky gave me great hope and immediately sent me their book on laminitis called THE PONY THAT DID NOT DIE, along with diet supplements to help him.

The book became my Bible for weeks and I carried it around constantly diving into the pages to keep my spirits up and to find sections to give me direction when I had lost it completely.

From mid October through to Xmas it was constant vet and farrier visits and several xrays, and lots of ups and downs. The book was so helpful. The downs had brought thoughts of it being the end as he went backwards and got worse for reasons that were hard to find, but the book always gave me hope and new ideas to help Rocky.

By the end of January he was feeling a lot better and walking out his stable door, still sore but willing to walk for 5 minutes around the garden.

Living in Queensland I found it hard to find the right help and felt that the farrier was the best one available, and the vet had years of large animal experience while in England, so there was lots of knowledge. I stuck with them even when we didn’t agree. I used the xrays with the book to frame my opinions.

Now he is back to his powerful and beautiful self, just a touch sore in one front foot but it’s now time that heals.

I will always treasure the book The Pony That Did Not Die, and share it with friends, it truly saved me, as much as the horse.

Thanks so much Nicky Bowe, I am ever grateful for finding you.

Linda and Rocky.

March 2019

Hi Everyone

I thoroughly enjoyed the clinic. Everything was very well presented and easy to grasp. I enjoyed listening to Andrew and Nicky speak and particularly enjoyed hearing Dennis’ nuggets of wisdom!

Your bunk-house accommodation, in my book, is pretty damn good! When I asked Nicky by phone about the accommodation, she seemed to have a wry tone to her voice when she said “It’s a shearing shed!”

I half-expected to be bundled up in a straw-filled pen with sheep looking on! I was so comfortable in my room – it was warm, I had a light to read by – and best of all – the coffee and tea were only outside my door.

All-in-all I thought your accommodation set-up was brilliant and the toilets/showers were lovely and roomy – as well as having a washing machine!

I will definitely be back for the advanced stage – and if younger, would absolutely be doing the diploma course.

Kind Regards
Pat Austin

I must say that I enjoyed the workshop immensely and now feel much more confident about trimming the horses hooves and also feel that I am more able to recognise problems that need professional attention.

Thanks again
Stephen Jones

Hi Nicky

I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you and Andrew for the excellent instruction at the Saturday (standard) clinic this past weekend. I learned a great deal and was impressed by your facilities.

Chiltern VIC

Hi Andrew and Nicky

Just wanted to say I’ve just finished reading your book for the 2nd time and want to say what a wonderful job you’ve done, once I started reading I couldn’t stop. The photos are great, the information is clear and easy to understand and the message just constantly gets drummed in, if only every horse owner would read it.


What can I say? The goods arrived this morning, WOW, what great service! I have just come in for a well earned cuppa because I have just trimmed 6 horses and the stand has just about paid for itself. No real huffing and puffing and the boys and girls (horses) all thought it was pretty comfy too. Your assistance and recommendations were invaluable and if you need a testimonial to sing your praises – I’m there. Thank you very much.
Kind regards

Birkdale Qld

Thanx v much.
I was really impressed and learnt heaps. Have used my tools and had the opportunity to trim a friend’s ponies who were in real need of a manicure. I have had the advice over the past number of years from a good farrier who put me on the right road as far as trimming goes, and I just wanted to get the finer points and instruction from a farrier who was promoting the barefoot option professionally. Andrew’s way with the horses was reassuring and the information booklet excellent. I’ve been involved with Parelli Natural Horsemanship for many years and learning how to care for my horses feet naturally is an important part of my horsemanship journey.

Kind regards,

Hi Nikki and Andrew
I attended the Ballarat trimming workshop today and would just like to say thank you, I learnt so much and feel so much more capable now.
Again thank you for sharing all your knowledge and I look forward to doing the advance course and maybe down the track the diploma!!!!


Hey guys
Loving the nibbler nippers. Making light work of many horses feet. Easy to use and really smooth. Tidying up seedy toe, frogs, bars and sole a breeze. No longer cutting my hands to shreds on hard soles with my knife.

Great, love them!
Warm regards
Jane – Dare to Be Bare

Hi Andrew and Nicky,

Just wanted to thank you both for a great experience last Saturday at the trimming workshop. It was really helpful and the instruction was clear and sensible. And inspiring! Over the time that I have known you, I have been impressed with your generosity with time and resources. I feel very thankful to have met you.

I’m looking forward to applying what I’ve learnt.
Thanks so much, keep up the good work!
Jan, Kinglake

Adam and I just wanted to say how much we both enjoyed your barefoot trimming clinic last Sunday. From the perspective of a horsey radiation therapist and her non-horsey roofer partner, the clinic was not only one of the best organised, most efficiently run clinics that we have ever attended, it was by a LONG way the most informative and interesting horse clinic that I have ever attended. The scientific evidence behind the theory, coupled with the practical component provided a learning environment that is completely unparalleled in either of our experience.

The information was not only provided in a logical, plain english manner, but your experience and manner of presenting was both entertaining and extremely effective at getting the message across. For a horse nut who has had 25 years of owning horses, competing horses, teaching pony club and sitting instructor’s certificates, I could not believe how much I learned! And for a non-horsey partner Adam also not only enjoyed the day but also learned so much, and he is keen to try trimming some more horses even though he was never overly confident at handling them. I was never confident to trim my own horses (despite learning how to remove shoes, trim hooves and put shoes on from several farriers 20 years ago) for fear that I would “stuff their feet up”. Those fears have been totally laid to rest by what I learned.

I strongly believe that EVERY horse owner should attend one of your clinics, as the information provided is unbelievably useful and important for horse owners to be able to make informed decisions about their horse’s hoof care and well being. And the information we were sent home with in the booklet is both a fantastic summary of what we learned, as well as a reminder of the guidelines to follow when we are trimming our horses.

We cannot thank you both enough for the day, it was absolutely brilliant, and the best $180 either of us have ever spent on a course. As far as we are concerned, the course completely over-delivered in EVERY aspect, and we would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is considering attending one.

Thank you so much!
Best regards,
Sally & Adam, Vic

Dear Andrew,
Thank you for all your hard work and help at yesterday’s beginner’s clinic. Even though I have been trimming my boy for several years I learned a lot at the clinic. You imparted heaps of knowledge in a way that made it very easy to take in some much. I found the dissected leg very interesting. I was also interested by the thermo
images of the barefoot horse compared to the shod horse. Just a thought on that, it would be interesting to have a thermo image of the barefoot horse after exercising in boots and pads to compare with him without the boots. Please make sure I am notified about your next advanced clinic as I would very much like to attend.

Kind regards, Sylvia

Hi Andrew & Nicky,

Thank you for holding the trimming clinic yesterday. I can certainly say that I have had my eyes opened to new thinking.

I took a lot out of yesterday and for what it’s worth I thought that the structure of the day was fantastic, the right balance of theory and practical and all presented in a logical and easily understood framework.

It is clear that your teachings are a result of a lifetime of passion backed up by science. It is refreshing to meet individuals that are not afraid to work outside the traditional conformities of the equine industry and are able to offer new thinking instead of the “it just is because it always has been” mentality.

I look forward to putting my new tools and knowledge to work & attending more of your clinics in the future..

Many thanks, Kelly – Brisbane

Just wanted to email you a big thank you for your wonderful workshop at ‘Allens’ Rivulet’ in Tassie Land. I only did the standard workshop on the 5th December, without a horse, but I got so much information from that day. I was very impressed. You guys taught us so much in such a short space of time. It was truly incredible.

I would love to do your advanced workshop, and am hoping you’ll be back down again soon. I have just read your Summer Edition newsletter, and it really excites me that you both give so much of your time, skill and knowledge to share with the entire country!

Please keep up the good work. The horses of Australia need you to keep spreading the word.

Cheers, Kim from Tassie

I just wanted to thank you so much for everything yesterday, the clinic was fantastic and the feedback from all participants was excellent. We all learned so much and gained some valuable skills, and you are right about it being addictive, I am actually looking forward to going out and trimming my horse’s feet again haha… maybe us horse people are a strange breed after all! Everybody really appreciated the content of the workshop being delivered in a way that was logical, easy to comprehend but at the same time giving us a solid foundation of knowledge that we can go on with. We found it reassuring that both you and Nicky were coming from both academic and professional backgrounds, but also that you were open minded about the entire horse & hoof industry and in general the welfare of the horse above all else.

On a more personal level, and coming from always having shoes on my horses and (believing) I never had a problem with them, it really opened my eyes to the issues shoes can create, and the logic and science behind the barefoot principles are hard to argue with. Before attending the workshop my impression of barefoot trimming was having to put cumbersome & impractical boots on your horse just to ride it, and the probability of having a lame horse for many months whilst they got used to being barefoot, so whilst I had an open mind, I have to say I did begin the workshop as somewhat of a sceptic.

I am now significantly better educated, and, dare I say it… converted! I would be more than happy to recommend your workshop to others, and to use my comments above as testimonial for anyone considering hosting or attending a workshop. I would also like to thank you for your gift, it was extremely generous of you, and appreciated more than you can imagine.

Wishing you all the best for the future,
Kind Regards, Elle

Hi Andrew
I just want to say a huge thank you for the brilliant workshop at Wollongong on Sunday. It was far more than I expected and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect. To actually see a dissection of the lower leg and hoof and how it moves was very educational. I learned so much and feel confident enough to be able to do light maintenance trims if necessary in between Rob’s visits. You are a true professional and the presentation of your clinic reflects this. For the sake of our horses let’s hope more and more people choose to go barefoot in the future.

Thanks very much – Brenda

Hi Andrew and Nicki
Thanks again for giving your time and helping me learn more about the art of barefoot trimming! I always enjoy your workshops and get lots out of them. The slow-motion filming was fantastic – I really would like a copy if possible, at least of Danny – I keep thinking of other things I want to look at and check or compare or …. you know by now I’m a bit of a “navel-gazer” where he is concerned 🙂 I came across a quote the other day: “if you like your job you’ll never have to work a day in your life” I think it must apply to you both because it shows up in what you do and how you do it.
– Cheers, Susan 🙂

Many thanks for a very informative and well run workshop. In a day we covered so much and was all so important. Hopefully all the horses that were there for the day will benefit from what we learned and those at home as well. Thank You again it was great.
– Peggy and Sunny.

I attended the beginners barefoot clinic in SA recently. I just wanted to say that it was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my 52 years. And now I have received one of the best newsletters ever! What a fantastic piece of communication by various horse people, and all brought together by the two of you. Brilliant! Thank you for opening my eyes, and for helping me do the best for my horses. My dressage horse had his shoes removed 5 days ago and I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but he already looks happier. I look forward to coming to the more advanced clinic here later in the year. And just wanted to mention that Mary House has been extremely supportive here in SA … It’s so important for beginners to be able to call on people like her. It’s all so easy to work on dead feet at the clinics, but when you start on your beloved neddy and he tells you he doesn’t appreciate being poked in the belly with the rasp, even though it was accidental, it’s great to have Mary’s calming influence on the other end of the phone.
– Sincerely, Lesley

Hi Andrew and Nicky,
Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the weekend clinics. Much useful information that will keep me going for quite a while, and such a good opportunity to meet like-minded frustrated horse owners to swap notes. People like yourselves who are willing to share this information are so needed, and it is the horses who will ultimately benefit.
– Cheers, Jane.

Hi Andrew
Just wanted to say I thought the workshop at Byron was awesome. I learned so much more than I expected! You are a good instructor with the right tools ie cadaver legs etc. I have to say the “ah ha” moment for me was at the end when you demonstrated the fresh cadaver leg and showed the workings of the hoof & leg. Maybe that could come earlier in the workshop for those who are visual learners? Just a suggestion, not being critical at all.
Thanks again, worth every cent.
– Kay

Dear Nicky and Andrew, I would just like to take a minute to thankyou for the wonderful newsletters that I recieve from you! All though I’m not trimming other people’s horses I really do appreciate the level of professional content you make available to the lay person like me through these letters. Thankyou so very much and best wishes for all that comes your way .
– Cheers Caroline

Hi Nicky and Andrew
Just wanted to say “ thanks heaps ” for a fabulous workshop on Monday at Beaudesert – the workshop connected so many dots for me and has given me the confidence to take responsibility for the hoof care of my own three horses in a more hands-on way . After a couple of years of observing and reading (Dr Bennett, Pete Ramey etc) it was fantastic to hear science-based information delivered so effectively that was easily understood. I will return to attend the advanced workshop later in the year with hopefully a dozen or so more trims under my belt.
Thanks again.
– Jenny, Brisbane

We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed and got from the was extremely well presented and informative and is so empowering to have a good idea now on what once was such a mystery…also comforting to know that we are doing our best for our horses. We shall recommend your workshop strongly to those we come in contact with. Has been a bit dusty but tomorrow Im looking forward to some hoof trimming and trying out our new tools.
– Marg & Frank

I recently attended the Hoof trimming course at Beaudesert Qld on Andrew and Nicky’s last day…..just wanted everyone concerned to know that it was one of the best one day workshops ever. Extremely educational, very well presented!
Andrew and Nicky very warm, friendly, welcoming, genuine and down to earth people.
Being a part-time photographer (& specialising in equine photography), I took several photo’s during the course of the day and I told both Andrew and Nicky that I would send them on a disc to Victoria for them to use freely and as they wished to promote their business… I will get onto that within the next two weeks.
Thank you so much for the day….it was a great workshop.

– Violet

Your newsletter has reminded me to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop in Cobargo. So well put together, great information, well set out and easy to follow steps. Really professional. It was fun too! – Robyn I would like to thank you both for a wonderful workshop. You are both very professional and yet also personal teachers with a wealth of information knowledge and experience. It is also beautiful to see a family enjoying life together.
Light and laughter – Kylie, Murwillumbah

After doing some searching on the net about hoof care and having an understanding of anatomy and physiology from my role as a paramedic it became obvious that traditional shoeing practices were not in the best interests of a horse. This led me to search for an alternative.

Anyway to cut a long story short, while at my local horse store I found a flyer for your Barefoot Maintenance Workshop. The rest is history. I have been to a number of clinics over the years and I have to say yours would have to be the most professional I have attended. This is not only with the actual presentation on the day but the prompt responses during the application stage.

The day itself was well run at an easy pace. There was a good balance of theory and practice and the presenters demonstrated expert knowledge of the course content. The teaching aids and workbook very much contributed to understanding what barefoot trimming is all about.

Enough time was allowed for questions and the practice of newly acquired hands-on skills. Andrew and Nicky were very approachable and keen to assist us tounderstand and master new skills.

“Alf the Wonder Horse” and myself would like to thank you and we are looking forward to the advanced course.

Geoff, Townsville

I wanted to congratulate you on your workshop run recently at Murwillumbah. I am sooo glad I went. I think you have put together a really great package of information and delivered it very well.

I think I have been on the right track with my home trimming but attending your workshop has given me more confidence and several giant leaps forward with things that might have taken me years to discover or find out on my own. I’m sure my horses would thank you too. I hope to improve my trimming and continue to learn as I go.

Desley, Murwillumbah

I absolutely loved the workshop!
When I first saw the flyer at the endurance ride I thought I would attend simply to be able to learn how to trim for myself. I’d always had other people around me who were perfectly capable and therefore I never had a need to learn so it was on this basis that I decided to come along.

I did not know anything about barefoot before I got to the workshop, I must admit I only came to learn how to trim and maintain a horses hoof, and WOW I got so much more!!

The pace was perfect for me. Not too fast and not dragged out like some “training sessions” I’ve endured through work etc. I learned a lot from the cadaver and maybe the only thing that would have really re-enforced what we were learning is if there was time for Andrew or Nicky to critique a few more of the students work in a group situation, perhaps explaining his view of what was wrong with the foot
and whether or not the student had trimmed enough or too much and really hammered home the heal levels, whether the quarters were passive enough etc.

What I really came away with is WHY, why would I put shoes on my horse, the dynamics of the hoof are amazing and these dynamics should really be enhanced rather than hindered. I will trim according to my new found knowledge, brush up on it by re-watching the DVD a few times and look at buying boots when my horse is ready to do some serious work.

Please advise me if you are holding another workshop – you can consider me a firm booking.

Sue, Cairns

I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you all so much for organising to come to S.A. for the clinic. Everyone was really happy and seemed to have all their questions and queries answered. Plus for a lot of us (including myself) it de-mystified a lot of propaganda and got back to the basics of what’s best for the horse in it’s particular situation! We had such a great day and all the students thanked me after for organising such a great comprehensive clinic as it was just what they were after.

Andrew is truly an amazing horse professional and trimmer and we felt lucky to have him teach us! The trim he did on my appaloosa was amazing and I noticed how differently he moved afterwards. Plus that particular horse has never stood that still for anyone. As a Parelli Natural Horsemanship student this speaks for itself in my opinion! I know a lot of people today were quite happy to hear Andrew’s incorparation of very “natural” horse handling skills into trimming. It was truly a breathe of fresh air. It was a great experience to draw from Andrew’s wealth of knowledge and I (and many other students) hope to be able to do it again.
– Christine – (Co odinator & Very Happy Student)

Barefoot? Several years of doubt based on many, many stories of horses made awfuly sore or quite lame by ‘barefoot trimmers’ (i.e long toes and low heels which just do not look right to my eyes). I have close friends who after years of commitment to barefoot finally gave their lamed horses shoes again. A commonly heard statement is that there have never been so many lame horses around since barefoot trimming began.

Your workshop has converted me. I thought the first day was great and I learned a lot. The scientific info using cadavers and hoof examples was wonderful. I liked the model of attention to natural balance of the hoof and the foot print. Likewise the second day was really good for someone like me. The info on different diseases was thorough and very informative. Also having so many horses with all types of feet gave excellent examples of applying the barefoot trim. Just great! I now have trimmed two of my three horses with confidence.

Jill, Woodend, Vic.

I just want to thank you again for the opportunity to attend the workshop on Saturday. I learned a significant amount and I am really thrilled at the change I have seen in Diff since Saturday. I know he has a long way to go, particularly with his hindquarters, but this morning, for the first time in two months, he trotted of his own accord (granted it was to get food, but he hasn’t done this since shortly after he first arrived). I can only imagine the relief he must be feeling! I was already a “believer” in barefoot, but the change in him since Saturday has exceeded what I had hoped was possible for him.

Leanne, Central Coast

I really enjoyed the workshop. I thought it was extremely professional and at the same time friendly and approachable. I am truly convinced that barefoot is the way to go and I would like to learn further in the future. Thankyou both for all your time, knowledge and dedication.


Just wanted to say thanks for a great, laid back, and very informative day at the clinic in Canberra. With all the effort it takes to organise an event and the time for you to travel, I think everyone really got a great deal out of it and the professionalism that was displayed from you both provided for a very relaxed learning environment.I will not stop spreading the barefoot word and will be recommending to all interested what a great, informative, and eye opening day it can be learning what this barefoot thing is all about.will see you at Equitana and hopefully on the diploma course next year.

Daniel,Coolamon NSW

For those interested, I recently attended an equine barefoot hoof trimming workshop with Andrew & Nicky Bowe aka “The Barefoot Blacksmith”. If you keep horses, I’d encourage you to research and set down the path of keeping your horses ‘barefoot’.


I would just like to thank you all once again for a thoroughly enjoyable and informative workshop last weekend. The significance of what you do cannot be overstated. Together you are making a difference for so many horses, and I only hope this will continue exponentially into the future. Amanda and I were both impressed and amazed at your thorough knowledge of the correct anatomy and physiology of the horses’ foot, which to our minds, is unfortunately uncommon in many professionals involved in the horse industry. You all shared your knowledge so openly and generously, and were most encouraging of our efforts.”
“Undoubtedly, the highlight of the weekend was to see my dear old ‘Gideon’ striding out with his boots on, looking more comfortable than I have seen him in ages. Your care and attention in ensuring the ideal fit for his boots and pads is most appreciated, as is Chris’s advice regarding massage. Hopefully we will move forward with him now, and I will certainly update you in the future as to his progress.


I just want to thank you for Saturday. I found the experience fun and think that every horse owner should have knowledge of trimming hooves. The one day course also gave new confidence in practical horse knowledge. It is a shame that more adult riding clubs are not into theory sessions, as I would find this to be a valuable club experience.


Had a great day yesterday. I learnt a lot and have come home and started on the other two ponies.


I look forward to having a go with the skills I learned today. Than you for the course, I found the pace and delivery suited my learning style. Well done. I would be interested in attending an advanced workshop when I have gained some experience at this level.


Thanks to you both for a very insightful and instructive workshop. You have given me hope that Blue will successfully make the transition from shod to bare as an endurance horse.


Andrew’s ability to explain concepts clearly to “lay people” is fantastic and made the information accessible. I was able to join the dots! It was great to get the bigger picture, I found the early part of the powerpoint really helped to set the scene and put the whole day in context. The pace and timing was just spot on.

I really enjoyed the course and have enormous respect for what and how you teach it. I couldn’t commend you highly enough.”


More than met my expectations. I will recommend it to others.


Thanks Andrew and Nicky – you are both exceptionally talented people. I hope I can learn more from you both very soon.


Andrew and Nicky. I got so much out of the weekend. It has made me very confident in practicing b/f trimming – let me know when an advanced course is on next year.


It far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for a very inspirational and enjoyable day.


Thank you for the opportunity and please keep me advised on your next revision course in my area. I am looking forward to helping my darling horse have lovely natural feet. Natural is best with all of life has to offer!


Just a note to say thank you for Sat It was a great day you are a born teacher. The balance of theory and practice was I think perfect with the information highly informative and very interestingly presented and the notes are great ,very clear concise and straightforward. I wish I could get a lot of horse people I know to go to one of your days just to open their eyes and get a lot of factual wisdom instead of inherited folklore !You will appreciate I’ve been on quite a few courses and yours rates among the best.


We both attended Andrew’s clinic on Barefoot trimming and found it to be extremely informative and highly educational, the structure and presentation of the course was very professional and easy to understand. Working on the dead horse hooves and seeing cross sections of their canon bones gave me a real insight to the unnatural performance of what shoeing does to a horse. I would highly recommend any horse owner or enthusiast to attend Andrew’s clinic and to seriously consider bare footing their equine friends.


Just wanted to say thanks again for the Forbes Trimming Clinic. Had a great time and learned heaps. I was surprised how logical and easy to understand the technique was. I really didn’t think it was something I would be able to do myself when I arrived. It was a great day and you two are a wealth of knowledge, thanks again.


After attending your barefoot beginner workshop, I feel like I never want to put shoes on my horse again! I learnt all about the workings of a foot and how both shoeing and bad maintenence can attribute to the breaking down and shortening the working life of our horses.

I was fascinated by the intricacies and engineering brilliance of a horses leg and now understand practically, why the frog needs to be in balance and in contact with the ground. It also shed light on such degenerative diseases, like navicular and ringbone… which I thought were just wear and tear! I can now understand how such problems develop in the first place.
Thank you for this knowledge. Don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.


I had a great time at the clinic at Wandin and really wanted to let you know what improvement I have seen in my horse’s performance in such a short time.
He used to jack and spin – not anymore. He moves forward freely and is happy to go about his business. I am sure some of this is due to his own maturing however it would not have happened without the help I got from you.
I am so excited that hoof care is moving in this direction. I am excited that there are people like you out there promoting it in such a sensible marketable fashion. What you taught really makes sense.
Again, thank you. Your approach has re-inspired me to keep on with my horses. I wish you all the best of luck and look forward to meeting you again.


Having spent the day with you I feel I have the last few pieces I needed to maintain my horses feet, I would like to learn more in time to be able to diagnose and correct foot problems in conjunction with body rehabilitation using my own horse and his posture issues.


I have never experienced before such energy in conducting a workshop.
The extreme effort involved in having the cadavers and sawn leg demo at the end must have been enormous though these two sections of the day made it all make sense for me. The entire clinic was astounding. Thank you very, very much. Probably one of the top five days of my life.


I have much more confidence in trimming now and hope to further my education with your advanced workshop and hopefully the Diploma. I am hooked. No going back to shoes. The more I learn, the more I realise I have yet to learn — and I really want my young fella to be succeessful on 4 bare feet. And finally – Crikey did I need a a new rasp! The save edge is blissful!”


I would just like to say everything that Andrew said is so true, we are addicted. I need to say put the foot down and walk away to myself all the time now.


I would just like to echo Kirsty’s thank you. We are just so grateful to now have this knowledge and feel empowered to take charge and deal with our horses feet by ourselves. As Kirsty says, and as Andrew said at the clinic – it is so addictive, and we find ourselves looking at their hooves before anything else now!