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IDSHS Awards – 2010

Lily2Lily3Jane Parks and Parkview Irish Lily who are members of the Mansfield and District Equestrian Club registered with HRCAV and the Irish Draught and Sport Horse Society of Australia have won the annual IDSHS performance Award for 2009/2010. This award is proudly sponsored by SWISH. The winner is presented with a made to measure embroided woollen rug made by
SWISH and a rosette awarded on behalf of the IDSHS. The award is based on performances over 12 months in the main equestrian disciplines such as Eventing, Dressage, Showjumping, Combined Training, and Showing (including Working Hunter classes). Lily’s results and achievements particularly in Dressage, Combined Training, and Showing gave her some fabulous points towards her win. Jane was also very excited with results in Showjumping and Eventing throughout the year. Lily and Jane were the winners of the 2008/2009 IDSHS award also, which was the first year the award was offered for some time.

Lily is by ISH Raffles a locally owned and bred stallion by Kammy Hunt of Mansfield, out of a TB mare by Jewelled Camillo named Jewelled Rose. Jewelled Rose was a B grade Showjumping mare owned by Kristy Payne previously of Mansfield. Who herself was a very well campaigned horse by Kristy until her retirement, in Eventing, Showjumping and Combined Training Events at Pony Club and EFA, at a high level.

There were many fabulous results throughout the year for the pair, but the highlight would have been Lily’s performance in the 2009 Mansfield Show’s Carol Moore Memorial Award where they were able to show Lily to her full capabilities. They performed side pass, rein back, turn on the forehand and hind quarters, jumping and then removed her bridle in the show ring and walked away and she did not move!! Lily is one trustworthy and well educated horse, and continues to learn eagerly on a daily basis. Lily and Jane have had great results in the HRCAV TTT events throughout the past few years winning Horse Trials, Combined Training and Dressage in Level 3, and the combination has now been pointed up in several disciplines to level 2 in HRCAV. The IDSHS also offer prizes at most TTT events and the combination has won these awards in Dressage and Combined Training to date. Lily is bred, owned, educated and ridden by Jane. Lily is Jane’s first ISH but she will not be the last the breed has definitely made a lasting impression on Jane and she hopes to grace the industry with another one due at the end of this year by Icarus Frosty. RIDE IRISH!!

Junior Cattleman’s Cup – Maffra

kojack2kojack2Thirteen year old Micaela Van Winden from Merton, decided that she would like to compete in the 2010 Junior Cattlemans Cup at Maffra on her stock horse ‘Kojack’. The race is basically a cross country dash on uneven and variable terrain.

I (her mother Robyn) decided to try glue on boots to overcome the jarring of the hard summer tracks on this older campdrafting horse. We had the boots on for three weeks while Micaela trained Kojack on our local race track, in the hills and also did lots of road work. Kojack had a one week break from wearing them, and I was happy enough to put them back on for the race, so off Micaela and Kojack went.

In the race they got knocked from the front to the back, and came from the back to the front, up hills and around a dam bank, and down hills. The boots were very good, the horse did not slip once or put a foot wrong, and this is a very tough race.

Micaela and Kojack came second in the race, (they had never raced before this event) and I would be happy to put glue on boots on any of our horses for any type of work or competition!

Robyn Van Winden


Smokey’s owner writes

smokey1smokey2Smokey Joe, a 5 year old Brumby x Paint 14.2hh, has always been barefoot and in the 3 years that I have been riding him, I have never had to pull the hoof boots out. A tough and successful little horse with a long and bright future whether in the Show Hunter Class at a Show or jumping or mustering stock.

He is currently competing HRCAV Level 3 dressage, Level 4 SJ, HT, CT.

Smokey is the ultimate all-rounder. He has had success in the Open Show ring as a 3/4 y/o under saddle winning and placing in every class he was entered including Champion Ridden Galloway and Reserve Champion Led Galloway at some shows. He is the true show hunter type and his cool attitude makes him ideal for these classes.

smokey3smokey6He has spent the last 12 months campaigning in HRCAV with my sister Elisa. During this time he competed successfully in Horse Trials, Combined Training, Showjumping and Dressage. With placing’s at TTT Combined Training and winning both the Level 4 and Level 5 Championships at the Upper Goulburn Dressage Championships. In one season Elisa and Smokey Pointed from Level 5 to Level 3 in dressage. Now he has just started competing back under me in Dressage at Level 3 for placing’s in the Unofficial Grade 3 and Level 3 at Alexandra and Yea dressage days.

Smokey has also completed 25km TTT Navigation rides (barefoot all the way). He has just come back from 8 days at the Kosciuszko High plains (see story below).

A truly versatile horse, Smokey takes beginners and children on trail rides around our property of 1000acres. He also plays a part in the mustering of cattle and sheep off our steep and rocky hills.

smokey5Smokey’s holiday on the high plains

We rode 6 out of the 8 days with the first 3 days being fairly slow going and about 5 hours per day. Our first camp site was just off the main road at the base of a hill. Each day the ride left the camp up quite a steep and rocky climb to reach the plateau and the easier going. The 4th day was when we moved camp so no riding then.

The 2nd campsite was absolutely magnificent towards the end of ‘Long Plain’ a 30km long x 2km wide grass area following the great Murrumbidgee river (which was just a narrow but beautiful stream). Each ride was different and an absolute treasure. We rode along magnificent grass plains, through many beautiful mountain streams, many bogs. We followed brumby tracks and came across many of the wonderful creatures buckskins, chestnuts, bays and greys. We visited old huts, waterfalls, and rode around fire affected country. At times we also followed rocky fire tracks. Our last 3 rides we moved along a little faster riding up to 6 and a half hours and around 40kms!

Shoes required? Over my dead body!

We took Smokey’s boots although we never needed to put them on. ‘Is that horse barefoot?’ was the comment towards the end of the first day.  ‘He ‘ll do it tough’ another said.  “Just you wait and see” I said. “My horses have travelled on much worse than this and he is ½ brumby and tough” (my comments back.) It took them until the last day to realise that Primus was also barefoot. ‘Oh he looks a little foot sore’ was the comment made as we were climbing down a very rough and rocky steep fire track.  ‘He’ll be all right’ I said, knowing that Primus tends to be a little sooky on rocks when he hasn’t had the conditioning he should have. Not more than 5mins later Primus power walks past ‘Oh gee! Look at him now!’

While horses were breaking down all around us, pulling shoes, etc, our two barefoot horses trudged along in the most graceful way. Never putting a foot wrong. In complete balance and freedom of stride the whole way. I think we made a lot of people think more seriously about barefoot. We made a great impression.

Tamara Fox  2007