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Why do we need to have a page for barefoot testimonials?
Why the need to justify its validity as a hoofcare option ?

The modern adoption of barefoot principles is still in nappies. With anything ‘new’, there is controversy, especially if it flies against the wind of tradition. So it is with barefooting. There is a widespread mix of ignorance and misinformation ‘doing the rounds’. What better way to prove barefooting as a viable hoofcare option, than to show actual working examples?

“Those who say it can’t be done often get interrupted by those who are already doing it”

Leading trainers who endorse barefooting

Richard Weis
Wayne Anderson
Wrangler Jayne
Jason McInnes
Judy Oldmeadow

Testimonial for Hoof Boots – Carol Layton

I am passionate about the sport of endurance and hoof boots are my choice for safety and welfare of my horse.Sqiggle

Since 2005, my endurance horse Omani Mr Sqiggle has achieved the following barefoot and booted:

  • Successfully completed more than 3500 km in competitions consisting of 80 km, 160 km and 400 km events, and far more kilometres in training. No endurance vet outs.
  • Many first placings as well as numerous ‘Best Conditioned’ awards. A Best Conditioned award is based on time taken to complete the course, weight carried by the horse and most importantly, soundness of the horse judged by the head vet. Many endurance riders consider the Best Conditioned award of greater importance than coming 1st over the line.
  • Two 160 km State Championship rides plus a 160 km event where we came first in our division as well as Best Conditioned.
  • Two Shahzada events – Shahzada is a marathon ride of 400 km in length over 5 days, a ride many endurance riders see as the ultimate goal.
  • Sqiggle is the 2009 National Points and Distance horse for my weight division.

We have enjoyed consistent success in the years of competing barefoot and booted.

From a welfare point of view, boots are the best choice – they provide sole protection over long distances and varied terrain, they act as a second skin and can weigh less than shoes. Hoof boots allow my horse’s hooves to expand and contract and flex which enables optimum blood flow – this is a performance advantage, especially with minimising concussion.

Boots are safer for me, the rider – they provide excellent traction on rock and bitumen. Many endurance rides have sections of tar and often have single tracks through bushland with rocky sections. I feel safer with the boots with their superior grip and my horse can ‘feel’ the ground and take care with his footing.

Boots allow me to be competitive. Sqiggle has completed an 80 km ride in a time of 3 hours and 40 minutes to win first place in my weight division and then was awarded Best Condition.