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Other useful links in our network

HorseRush Andrew is the resident hoofcare specialist on the up coming Series 3 of Horserush TV; a popular lifestyle show on Pay TV that is dedicated to educating horse owners. www.horserush.com

Jean Koek Human and Equine Bowen Therapist
Digital Infrared Body Imaging
39 Dudley Street, Rainworth QLD 4065

Horse Riding.com.au The complete horse riders best selling book collection – limited time
special offer

Guardian Masks Protective eye covers for horses

Anita Norris Equine Photographer
PO Box 108, Hurstrbridge VIC 3099
Phone: 03 9714 8855
Fax: 03 9714 8866
Email: anitanorris@bigpond.com

Saddle On Riding lessons, camps, pony parties Katrina Hore
550 Elcho Road, Lovely Banks VIC 3221
Phone: 03 5282 5824
Fax: 03 5277 3138
Mobile: 0412 773 411

Seahorse Equine Centre Holiday with your horse. Experience the magic of swimming and playing with a horse in the ocean. Only available December to April. Lot 10/75 Lockville Road,
Wonnerup, WA 6280
Mobile: 0431627186

Planet Horse The Planet Horse method is about establishing trust with your horse by clearly understanding how to transmit and receive information. Dianne Luc
Natural Horsemanship Australia
6 Brodrick Rd,
Macclesfield, VIC 3782
Phone : (03) 5968 8179
Mobile : 0428 722 636
Email : dianne.luc@bigpond.com