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Leading Trainers who Endorse Barefooting



Richard Weis

“I’ve had the baffling experience a few times of starting young horses and finding them very sure footed until the first shoeing. I’ve put it down to the change of balance caused by the weight of the shoe and to the reduced feeling in their feet to sense the ground.

I’m using my two Oldenburgers Ming and Chello to explore the effectiveness of different training techniques for improving their posture, coordination and balance. They work at liberty, on the longe and under saddle, in the bush and on the arena. Looking for a natural foot is not only safer for me but it also fits the broader objective of trying to fathom the mysteries of good movement.

With Andrew’s guidance trimming has become an unexpected pleasure. It is great to be able to influence and consider the feet more carefully.” RW


Allan Collett, Natural Horse Trainer

Allan has always had a fascination for all things natural – and horsemanship has really been an extension of that.

Apart from riding ponies around 12 years of age, his foray into horses was at the racetrack before school and on weekends. This led to training into his own right, but it was an unruly colt that led him to seek help.

A mutual friend introduced him to Wayne Anderson, whom changed the way he saw his relationship and understanding of horses.

Wayne exposed Allan to the ways of legendary horseman such as Tom & Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman and others of the influence. Allan starts colts, educates ‘problem horses’ and works with people from all disciplines, giving private lessons as well as conducting clinics. Allan still attends clinics to continue his own learning path which he knows is a lifelong journey.

“There is an emphasis on having the person look at the influence on the human/equine relationship as opposed to just looking at the horse as the problem.”

Phone: 0407 848 991
Email: allan.collett@bigpond.com

jayne Wrangler Jayne

Jayne is a dedicated advocate of bare hooves, bit-free communication and natural horse keeping, and does not lend her support to organisations or industries that exploit the horse’s rights.


jasonmcinnes Jason McInnes


Performance Training and Horsemanship

Jason’s training in Natural Horsemanship has seen him studying in the USA under Parelli, achieving accreditation with David Simmons and studying Buck Brannaman for horsemanship and Phillipe Karl for dressage philosophies and is actively using parts from all of these eclectic trainers  to assist horses and riders to excel in their chosen fields, from Dressage to Working Equitation to Race Training.

Jason believes that “Education of the horse whether its from the ground or under saddle is about developing the ability to translate your thoughts through your body to the soles of their feet”.

You must have a healthy, balanced horse to achieve success, however you choose to ride, and this starts from the feet up.


Judy Oldmeadow


We at Samaria Creek Morgan Horse stud are committed to providing a supportive safe environment for our horses and clients, with a focus on honesty and learning.

Damien Hotham


Damien Practices the “Fine Art of Horsemanship” as he calls it. A combination of methods learned from his forefathers, employers, stockmen, a long list of coaches and trainers as well as a generous spattering of so called “Natural Horsemanship”.

Atkinson Dam Qld, Ph,- (07)5426 4226
email – ridesonthunder@aapt.net.au

jane_myers Jane Myers Equiculture


  • Horse care and welfare
  • Horse property management
  • Horse pasture-pedia
  • Riding and training.

Queensland – (07) 5447 6905