Slow Feed Hay Nets


GutzBusta hay nets are made from strong and durable 48ply and 60ply UV stabilized, pre-stretched, polyethylene netting and are the most generous sized hay nets on the Australian market which makes them easy to use, easy to fill and long lasting. Main picture, 4cm 60 ply.  Gallery picture 3 cm 48 ply.

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Capable of taking up to 3 biscuits of hay. Longer drawstring to easily facilitate hanging in a float. Great for snacks at shows or competitions, while floating, for ponies or horses anywhere, anytime. Approximately 84cm wide x 72cm high.

Reduce the incidence of colic, choke, stomach ulcers, boredom, hay wastage, stable vices but simulate grazing.

Available in 4cm (60ply) sized holes and 3cm (48ply) sized holes. GutzBusta® Slow Feed Hay Nets are made from tough and durable, UV Stabilized and heat treated netting in either 48ply or 60ply polyethylene netting. This netting will not absorb water, therefore not changing the properties of the netting during inclement weather or if used to soak hay. It therefore doesn’t get heavy when soaked.

How do I decide what hole size will suit my horse or livestock?

3cm – Great for really Gutzy eaters. Ponies, laminitic horses or if your hay is REALLY palatable and you want to slow consumption even more. Recommended for horses and ponies that have tried slow feed hay nets before as some horses may be frustrated by this size, others accept it without hesitation. Despite no top teeth, we have customers whose cattle can still eat from this size net with palatable hay. Available in 48ply.

4cm – Most popular hole size. Great to slow down feeding and save on hay wastage plus many other health benefits. Available in 60ply. Good general purpose hole size, 95% or horses have no trouble accepting this size net hole. Good size for cattle, sheep, goats, donkeys and alpacas too.

Additional information

Weight .390 kg
Dimensions 25 × 13 × 6 cm
Mesh size

3 cm 48 ply, 4 cm 60 ply