4 Feet – Zinc oxide powder


Safe, natural mineral powder, suitable for use in conjunction with hoof boots.  Helps prevent bacterial or fungal spores.  Easy, effective treatment of greasy heel, thrush, bacterial infection of the sole.
Favourable results in healthy hoof growth after laminitis and fungal issues.


Hoof boot – Composite Shoe & Hoof rehabilitation

4 Feet, is a safe, easy to use mineral powder, suitable for use in conjunction with hoof boots, composite shoes and during hoof rehabilitation.  The powder  provides a dry mild antiseptic environment within hoof boots and when applied as a paste to the heel and sole, aids in providing a clean environment, which is ideal for healing.

Hoof Boot Application

Apply a generous amount of powder using the shaker nozzle to the base of the boot.  Apply enough to provide good coverage to the sole and heel area and replace with new powder regularly.

Composite Shoes & Hoof Rehabilitation

Add a small amount of water to 4 Feet powder, make a paste similar to thickened cream and apply on a daily basis to the heel and sole area. Apply using a paintbrush making sure to get paste into all crevices.

Treatment of Greasy Heel and Mud Fever 

4 Feet has had favourable results in clearing conditions of greasy heel and mud fever.  Application is easy, just add a small amount of water to the powder in a mixing bowl, then apply to affected area.   Apply everyday for four days, then reduce to every second day, until the condition has cleared.


Additional information

Weight .520 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 6 × 6 cm