Trimming horses’ feet is hard work! Not everybody is able to do the ‘farrier thing’ and hold up the weight of a horse’s leg. What about using a hoof stand instead?

Hoof stand posts
Replacement non-slip hoof stand knob
We have come up with a simple but effective way to maximise grip using a hard plastic knob that is studded with self tappers. Knob only.
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Standard hoofstand – height range 34cm – 56 cm
Don’t be your horse’s leaning post! Let a hoof stand do that job! Electroplated scalloped base, post and soft top cradle. PLEASE NOTE: COMES WITH ADJUSTABLE POST & REMOVABLE CRADLE.
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Hi Lo Hoof Stand – height range 24cm – 45cm
This stand goes lower than the standard stand. It suits Miniatures to Clydies. PLEASE NOTE:  COMES COMPLETE WITH TWO POSTS AND A CRADLE
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Replacement hoofstand post
Replacement hoofstand post
Replacement posts for your Hi-Lo Hoofstand in two lengths.  Post only.
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Hoof stand
Replacement Screw Fastener
Replacement screw for hoof stand.
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