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March Nibbler Nippers


Buyer comment…..

Thankyou or my nippers which I received last week, used today how good are these.
Thankyou Lindy

Loving the nibbler nippers. Making light work of many horses’ feet. Easy to use and really smooth. Tidying up seedy toe, frogs, bars and sole a breeze. No longer cutting my hands to shreds on hard soles with my knife. Great, love them!
Jane Fisher

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Over the years we have had good feedback on our professional March nippers. We decided to ask Shanghai March to make a mould and manufacture Andrew’s own narrow resecting nipper design.

FINALLY they are now in stock. Now you can save much time when attending to hoof cracks and seedy toe. These nippers are unique and equal in quality to anything on the market. They are very well engineered and finished. Made of the highest quality steel, they are very sharp with a long lasting edge.

The new nippers are only 15mm wide. Our current standard resecting nippers are 20mm wide. The retail price for these nippers is $220 incl GST; an investment but a good one !

They are guaranteed to make easy work of hoof wall resections enabling you to make small neat resections so you can get right to the top of seedy toe infections. Other uses include removing compacted sole and overlaying bars when feet are too hard to use knives.

Additional information

Weight .60 kg
Dimensions 31 × 4 × 1 cm