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Bassoli Costanza 50mm 14″


A good all round working rasp with a fine finishing file on one side.

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A medium to aggressive rasp with the teeth much closer together than the Belotta, making it easier to use therefore causing less resistance.  The file side is quite fine for tidying up.

The blade is wider than a standard 42mm rasp, being 50 mm wide. This helps get the job completed faster !

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Weight .675 kg
Dimensions 37.5 × 5 × .5 cm


  1. Karen Pullen

    Thank you for fabulous products and speedy service. I received the order very shortly after ordering it! I have been very slack and haven’t updated my clippers for some time and I have a Morgan who’s feet are like rock and very thick walls/heels which I dread doing during summer. Well after getting my new clippers and file, the job was much easier. I have to admit that I did soak his feet for a few hours first but I do that in summer anyway but even with that I still have to do two feet one day and two feet a couple days later as its just too hard work. This time I did all four feet at once and felt quite good! Out of my herd of four, he is the only one I struggle with getting through so it was nice to be able to do it so easily. Thanks again

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