jerry2jerry2Jerry was bought as my first horse in 2004. After approximately 3 months he became very lame.

After numerous veterinary visits and then x-rays, he was diagnosed with Navicular disease with changes apparent in the Navicular bone on the x-rays. On veterinary advice we tried corrective shoeing – bar shoes and raising the heels, which only made him worse. He was also put on a course of circulon, herbs and acupuncture which only gave him short term temporary relief.

The vet, not knowing what to suggest next, indicated that euthanasia might be the next step. That’s when I hit the internet (I am not one to be easily defeated!). I found only 2 options that people were having any success with 1. A chemical called Gallium Nitrate which I tried with great success, but again only a short term solution, and 2. Barefooting.
At first I was hesitant about barefooting because of the prejudices I encountered from other horse owners, but the more I researched, it all started to make sense. I rang Andrew Bowe who agreed to start trimming Jerry’s hooves, and from there Jerry has made the most wonderful improvements.

Over the course of about 6 to 9 months Jerry went from quite lame to perfectly sound and moving well. His temperament also changed as it became apparent he was no longer in pain. Now 18 months later, Jerry hasn’t looked back, and is a sound, happy horse (and a lot more active than the quiet beginner’s horse that I bought 3 years ago!)