Rehabilitation Case Study

I wish to thank Andrew & Nikki Bowe for making a life of a 20 year old Welsh Mountain pony a more pleasurable one.

This pony, Spitfire was in great pain having suffered many years of founder even when he was in still light condition. He was always lame from very severe laminitis. I had had three different farriers, all of whom thought that they could fix him but never did.

Spitfire became very lame in his near fore so I had x-rays done on his hooves. X-rays showed pedal bone problems. They then advised me that not enough was being taken off his hoofs so they recommended a farrier to me. Now on my fourth farrier, who was squaring his toes off said that this was the only way he was going to improve. After about six months like this, with a little improvement, I asked if he could just have a rounded toe to make him look a bit better for when I took him to pony club for my 8 year old to ride? He said that he wouldn't do it.

So I changed then again to another farrier also recommended to me. Spitfire seemed a bit better until the spring grass came, even though he was still in light condition, became yet again lame. This last farrier told me it wasn't his feet but in his back. So I then took him to have muscle therapy only to be told there is nothing wrong with his back, it was his feet and he recommended Andrew Bowe, who had helped a lot of foundered ponies.

In between time, I had a couple of people, heavily into horses all their lives, saying I was wasting my time and money on a horse that can never be fixed and to sell him at the sale yards or have him put down.

Luckily I didn't do either, I suppose in a way because I was the one at fault for letting him founder in the first place and I owed it to him to try everything first.

Andrew Bowe took him for just six weeks and in that time he became a different pony, happier than he had been for years. He now can hold his condition without becoming lame and has also changed in personality, not nipping, can stand still without fidgeting, not pulling down on the bit. Spitfire is now cantering with ease, even at times cantering up the paddock to greet us.

I have to say a very big thanks to Andrew and Nicky Bowe for making the life of now a 21 year old pony happy.

I must also say, there is life after founder.

From Linda, 2nd August 2005


X-Ray of one of Spitfire’s front hooves, showing
the effects of very high heels and subsequent
capsule rotation.


Life after laminitis!