Rosie 5

Rosie – like so many little horses that are not adapted to our mediterranean environment – was in the gradual downward spiral of chronic laminitis. She was getting worse each spring; never fully recovering to previous year’s level of soundness (and getting less tolerant of spring grass each successive spring). During a change of ownership, the laminitis became acute.

Rosie was presented to us by her new owners as a last resort before euthanasia. When they were given her, she  was maintainted on anti-inflammatories and kept in a very light condition.

Over four months –  with the assistance of her new owners  – we cared for Rosie with a special diet including herbs to counteract the remaining inflammation and help heal her gut lining. She was trimmed every week to encourage a new laminar connection. When well enough she was massaged, had her teeth done and was drenched. Daily exercise in padded boots helped her become more moblie and repair wasted and  damaged soft tissue.

Although there is permanent damage to her pedal bone and laminae and Rosie still has a long journey of recovery ahead of her,  she is now off herbal pain relief and for an 18yo miniature she is doing very well.

Rosie is now home roaming a large hilly paddock with other ponies, (she loves to  gallop up at feed time!!!) but her diet is still being monitored and strictly controlled. Her owners came to one of our trimming clinics and are now successfully self-managing her feet.

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