After registration where participants are issued with a booklet, there is a two hour PowerPoint theory session (with coffee break in the middle). This is followed by a step by step demonstration of trimming and tool use on a cadaver leg.

After Lunch there is a demonstration on horse handling for trimming with emphasis on safety and making the job easier. Students then trim under full supervision. Full participants then go to work on their own horse’s feet under supervision (Auditors watch and may help hold horses).

The day is rounded out with a discussion of optimising barefoot performance (including a hoof boot demonstration) and a valuable lesson on functional anatomy.

Auditor or Full Participant ?

These workshops are designed for full participants. We have the auditor option for people who physically can not trim, or people without barefoot horses at the time.

The advantage of being a full participant and bringing your horse far outweighs being an auditor.

1. Your horse gets a free evaluation on how it is going as a barefoot mount or how we think it is going to transition from shod to barefoot (and we have many years of hoofcare experience). All horses’ feet are different, there are no set measurements etc and there are always little things we can do to help your horse.

2. You get supervised instruction while trimming your horse on tool use, trimming position, trimming technique etc. if you cannot finish the trim in the time allocated, we will finish it ourselves. Your horse will definitely get trimmed.

3. If your horse may possibly need boots at some time we will fit them up for you, so you will know what style and size is suitable.

4. Bringing your horse means that we can look at the whole picture (Whole horse) and see if we can see anything that may help rather than just looking at photos.