Professor Robert M Bowker

VMD, PhD in Neurobiology
Head of the Hoof Laboratory Research Team based at Michigan State University
Founder of the Bowker Lectures

Professor Bowker concentrates on equine foot function to the cellular level, and the relationship between internal foot and external hoof structures in both health and disease as well as incorporation of hoof, diet, exercise, dental hygiene and musculoskeletal and fascial systems of the entire horse.  His research interests focus on navicular syndrome, laminitis and upper body changes in the anatomy in terms of how our husbandry practices and their contributions affect these issues.

Professor Bowker holds conferences that are suitable not only for hoofcare practitioners, but also therapists, other veterinarians, dentists, saddle fitters and all equine professionals and owners.

Dates and venues for upcoming conferences will be announced on the web site.