Advanced hoofcare workshops

two days of theory and practice

We know it is harder for people to organise around this and the number of participants is likely to drop, but due to the ever growing body of science pertaining to the equine hoof, it is no longer feasible or fair to cram the information into just one day.

A two day format allows us to cover in great detail the following subjects:

  • The paradox of modern hoofcare (athletic performance versus life long soundness)
  • Recognizing functional hooves
  • Recognizing and restoring dysfunctional hooves
  • Barefoot rehab for pathological hooves
  • Dealing with common hoof management problems
  • Equine hoof development
  • The merits of different trimming philosophies
  • Ergonomic trimming
  • Tool selection and maintenance
  • Sustainable hoof protection (overcoming the paradox) 

Participants receive a comprehensive 145 page book of powerpoint slides and notes and an accompanying data stick containing approximately 50 hoofcare articles that we have published.

The two day format allows us the time to thoroughly analyse your horse’s hooves and then supervise your trimming to assist and further develop your ergonomic trimming skills.

We also  demonstrate the very latest ideas in  the rapidly evolving field of sustainable hoof protection, including boots, tips and polyshoes. It’s not just hoof boots anymore.

There is often scope for participants to bring two horses, especially if they have problematic hooves that will further enhance the collective learning experience.

The second day finishes at a civilised hour to accommodate those who have a long way to travel home.


Who are these workshops for?

For past participants of our standard workshops or hoof trimming workshops of affiliated instructors. 

Also for anyone who may have already undertaken a one day advanced workshop of ours in the past because the information has evolved and expanded.  We can give you a huge amount of theory and practical in two days.