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The pony that did not die – healing laminitis with barefoot rehabilitationLambook

Laminitis is a big killer of domestic horses. Equine patients with serious laminitis are routinely euthanased because the ‘disease’ has traditionally been considered incurable.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Laminitic horses can be healed.

This book shows how a fundamental shift in the way laminitic hooves are managed can possibly rectify even the most serious cases; a shift away from traditional treatment with corrective shoeing to ‘barefoot’ rehabilitation.

It puts into layman’s language the mechanical processes at play in laminitic hooves and shows not only how to stop the damage from getting worse, but also how to restore structural soundness.

A comprehensive, step by step action plan to combat laminitic episodes is included and is supported by actual case studies that show how to solve a broad range of different laminitic scenarios.

This book has been written by Andrew and Nicky Bowe, who have been at the forefront of developing barefoot rehab for laminitis. They have set up rehab facilities on their farm, Mayfield in Victoria, Australia, and for over a decade have been healing serious laminitis cases. Horses written off as incurable have often been restored to ridden soundness.

Packed with easy to read information and over 400 colour photos, this ground breaking text is not just for owners of laminitic horses, but it is a vital read for all horse owners; a reference to be kept within reach.

You can learn how to prevent laminitis but also what to do if your horse succumbs to this insidious disease.

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