bob_bowkerProfessor Robert Bowker | Sharon May-Davis

Professor Robert M Bowker

VMD, PhD in Neurobiology
Head of the Hoof Laboratory Research Team based at Michigan State University
Founder of the Bowker Lectures

Professor Bowker concentrates on equine foot function to the cellular level, and the relationship between internal foot and external hoof structures in both health and disease as well as incorporation of hoof, diet, exercise, dental hygiene and musculoskeletal and fascial systems of the entire horse.  His research interests focus on navicular syndrome, laminitis and upper body changes in the anatomy in terms of how our husbandry practices and their contributions affect these issues.

Professor Bowker holds conferences that are suitable not only for hoofcare practitioners, but also therapists, other veterinarians, dentists, saddle fitters and all equine professionals and owners.


2018 Bowker Lectures

13th, 14th & 15th April 2018 – Hawkesbury Racecourse, NSW

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Three days of cutting edge information that collectively aims for long term soundness for equines of all breeds and disciplines.

We have assembled a huge cast of industry leading researchers, therapists, practitioners and teachers.

Our regular stalwarts, Professor Robert Bowker and Sharon May-Davis will be joined by:

Dr. Helen Davies Dr. Ian Bidstrup Dr. Nerida Richards Dr. Paul Owens Dr. Doug English
David Leigh Kristy Swinton Carol Layton Janeen Kleine Jane Clothier
Sarah Kuyken Liz Inder Maja Stoker Andrew Bowe Nicky Bowe

For the first time, we are delivering two concurrent streams of lectures:

Musculo Skeletal Therapy

Hoof Science

This means that on top of 8 combined lectures, attendees will be able to choose 8 specialist lectures.

This is an incredible opportunity.  Very well priced at $660 which includes three days of lectures, proceedings, a large trade show and full catering.

Fabulous new venue offering a variety of accommodation options from camping at the adjacent showgrounds, to very comfortable motels nearby.  Ample parking is also available.

Positions fill fast, register your interest now by downloading the registration form above.

Why do we run the Bowker lectures?

The Best Equine Therapists (whether vet or body therapist or hoof trimmer or Rider) are those who can heal, not just treat.

There will always be job security revisiting equine patients that are on the merry-go-round of symptoms; patching them up and coming back time after time ad nauseam to do it all again. The best therapists endeavour to break the cycle by resolving underlying causes and, reaching beyond short term athletic potential, aim for lifelong soundness.

To this end, equine therapists should continually seek new information and develop better ways to overcome the occupational problems suffered by domestic horses. It can always be done a better way. Learning should never cease.

The best therapists don’t just strive to learn everything possible about their own particular modality, but they also seek a working knowledge of the whole equine body. This is not to become an expert at everything (sorry, but humans just aren’t that gifted); rather to be able to recognise when problems originate beyond their field of specialty, so they can effectively refer to relevant experts.

Whether you are a veterinarian, a body therapist or a hoof therapist (or indeed a combination of these), this conference provides you with the opportunity not only to learn more about your corner of the horse, but to learn more about the rest of the grand equine design. So, you can become a better therapist.